Who we are

01. Our Vision

Through using state of art grading, sorting, and packing lines, we are looking forward to reach the highest quality standards in Palestine and the region, double our capacity, and to enter new markets in the five continents within the first 5-year of operation.

02. Our Mission

To provide Palestinian farmers with the facility that can perform postharvest handling processes for their production of dates in order to produce a product with high quality that reaches the acceptance of consumers in local, regional, and international markets.

03. Our Brand Essence

The word MoonValley returns to the Jericho city as it is the oldest city in the word. MoonValley Dates make an ideal healthy snack keeping you energetic and healthy throughout the day, the date fruit is regarded by numerous religions, as a gift to mankind given its immense nutritional benefits and ability to grow in the most inhospitable of climates. Rich in vitamins and minerals.

Our services guarantee quality, freshness and great taste.


MoonValley Owners

Musa Ayasi


Ihab Msha'sha


Naji Mardawi

General Manager

MoonValley Factory

Date palm harvesting season in Jericho and Jordan valley starts in early September and last for 70 days depending on the stage of maturity or ripeness of the fruit. The proposed packaging facility will target the full mature dates (TAMR) produced by the Palestinian farmers after harvesting. The farmer will implement first postharvest handling processes to improve the quality and reduce the cost of grading and packaging. These processes include the following
1- Ripening: to reach the full ripening stage for dates (color changes from yellow to red or brown).

2- Field sorting: to remove infested and un-ripen or spoiled dates for the purpose.

3- Drying, curing: to reach the required moisture content. It is done under the shade.

Dried and primary sorted dates produced by farmers then will be transported to the packaging house.